Vigilant Steam Unit

The Martin Baylis Engineering now manufacture a steam unit which is dedicated to the Marten, Howes & Baylis kit the Vigilant. The steam unit is self contained and mounted on a stainless steel tray which can be lifted easily in and out of the model for maintenance. The unit can be retro-fitted to an existing model of the Vigilant providing it has been built in accordance with the manufacturers instructions. Only minor modifications are required to the model to allow for the installation of the unit, information relating to these is contained within the engine instruction manual.

The engine features an extended lubricator cap, the oil separator cap is angled inward as is the steam valve, these features mean that that unit can be operated without the need to remove it from the model. The pressure gauge is angled in such a way that it is visible through the engine room skylight. In addition the gas valve is positioned in such a way that it can extend through the bridge deck of the model and thus be easily accessible.

The steam unit can either be provided with the Martin Baylis Engineering triple or twin cylinder steam engines.

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